Friday Fictioneers

Reading around on the web, I found out about the FridayFictioneers, a group of bloggers who post a piece of 100 word flash-fiction every Friday. Each week participants are given a different prompt. Mine was a photo, and here is my story.

The First DayImage

The hallway should have been full of other people; there should have been excited chatter and anticipation. But my alarm had failed to go off, and I was now late for the first day of classes. 149, 151, 153.. I still had a ways to go before finding my goal, room 201. As I quickened my steps, the end of the hallway came into view. The numbers whizzing by me increased in magnitude until I reached the very last door: 199. This can’t be, I thought to myself. I looked up the other side of the hall, thinking I had missed it. But it wasn’t there. I turned and began the trek back the opposite way, when suddenly I saw the door to the stairs. It’s on the second floor.

Join the community!! Write your own response to the photo and leave it in the comments to participate in FridayFictioneers!!!


5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Bummer of a first day. Glad you found your way here, Kash. Unique take on the prompt.
    For future reference,, you’ll find you get more reads if you enter your URL into the links tool. That’s the white tab with the blue froggy guy to the lower left of the prompt on my page.
    The next photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers goes up tomorrow.

  2. Hey… I liked this, K. I was thinking it was some kind of sic-fi thing and you surprised me. I could feel the excitement to get started with school… must be first day of college. Welcome to FriFic!

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