One Word

This post is essentially 2 posts, inspired by a friend of mine and fellow blogger, who showed me the website This site prompts users with a word and counts down for 60 seconds, in which the user is supposed to write something about the word. Here are two that  I did,


I accidentally let go of the string, and off it went. When it escaped from my grasp the balloon flew in lazy loops, drifting willy nilly, only a speck of dark against the pale blue sky. Higher and higher it rose; will it ever come back down?


“Its like trying to fit a square inside a circle,” he told me, as if this would explain why he was leaving. “We just don’t fit anymore,” he said cupping my chin and gently tilting it to meet his eyes. I still said nothing. “Someday you will understand.” he said, as he stood up and walked out the door.

What do you think about Oneword? What other words would you like me to do, or what would you write for 60 seconds about either of these words?


2 thoughts on “One Word

  1. Square – We were all sitting in the town square when the group of kids came through. Dirty, dressed in shabby clothes, all of them were drunk and singing loudly. I caught the eye of one; a girl, my age. I could see the loneliness deep down inside of her.

    Fun stuff. Here’s a few words:


    • I decided to make this a MULIT-WORD CHALLENGE and work them all in together, here goes…

      Being a hedgehog must be a tough life. Simply imagine the plethora of things one would be unable to do: blowing up balloons and the luxury of a waterbed are simply a few that come to mind. And dressing! I cant imagine a Hedgehog has many outfit options to please any kind of aesthetic. What a prickly life.

      (kind of an awkward use of aesthetic but hey, creative license!! ;p)

      Thanks for the challenge!!

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